The Cloud Management Program

Managing and understanding your cloud infrastructure is a demanding task that requires constant attention.

That's why we've developed our Cloud Management Program - to simplify the complexity of the cloud.

We start by becoming your Cloud Provider, reselling your cloud services at optimal prices, and enabling baseline services that provide you with customized Support, Optimization, and FinOps capabilities.

Cloud Management Program

Baseline services + a road to continuous improvement

The foundation of our program is our baseline services. Clients enrolled in our program gain access to our setup of monitoring tools, FinOps tools, and our preconfigured best-practice security configurations, as well as our Engineering support.

Cloud Procurement

As a Cloud Provider, Playground Tech resells cloud services to you, ensuring you get the best pricing and support possible.

We take our role as a cloud provider seriously, reflected in our service delivery.

We assist customers in finding and applying for funding and credits available through vendor programs, providing guidance and support throughout the process to help you maximize your savings.

Engineering Support

We offer direct access to our support team via Slack, Teams, email, or our support portal.
Our support team is available during business hours and is equipped to answer all your questions regarding usage, best practices, setup, and troubleshooting of individual cloud services provided by AWS, Microsoft, and Google.

PS: If you are a current customer looking for support, click here.

Platform Monitoring and Optimization

Our dedicated team uses best practice setups of leading tools inherent to each cloud platform—AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud—to consistently monitor and optimize your cloud services.

We employ a sophisticated and integrated monitoring setup that leverages the full power of native cloud tools.

Our setup is designed to capture real-time performance data, promptly identify issues, and uphold the health, security, and efficiency of your platform.

FinOps tooling and reporting

As part of our commitment to your cloud financial management, we offer free access to a state-of-the-art FinOps monitoring and reporting tool, an asset that typically requires significant investment. This invaluable tool provides deep insights into your cloud spend, spotlighting areas for optimization and unveiling potential savings. Our team custom designs dashboards and comprehensive reports within this tool, tailored to your specific needs.

To ensure you stay on top of your cloud finances, we provide monthly reports detailing your spending, identifying trends, and highlighting opportunities for savings.

Roadmap for the future

The Cloud Management Program is a continuous journey of regular check-ins and progress updates. We assess your current cloud usage and plot a path for improvement. As the cloud landscape evolves, so do we, constantly developing new tools and refining our methods. We want you on this journey with us.

We'll evaluate your performance against our Playground Pillars - Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization, and Sustainability - and create a roadmap for improvement. This isn't just a theoretical exercise; we provide actionable advice and hands-on assistance when needed.

Measurable effects

Enjoy lower cloud bills, higher security, better support and access to more credits and funding from vendor programs through CMP

Average cost reduction in cloud spend
SEK raised in vendor funding for clients in the last 12 months

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