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At Playground Tech, we specialize in cloud consultancy with a proven track record. Our expertise extends across AWS, Microsoft, and Google. We're not just another consultancy; we're a team with deep-rooted competencies in cloud migrations, recognized by our AWS Migration Competency and successful modernizations of enterprise platforms.

We've orchestrated migrations of enterprise workloads within and across cloud environments and have drafted and implemented robust cloud strategies for multinational corporations. Our approach is direct and purpose-driven, stripping away the superfluous to focus on what's technically sound and practically viable for your unique needs.

Grounded in over 120 collective certifications, we bring a wealth of knowledge and a humble perspective to every partnership. We commit to delivering not just solutions, but also clarity and simplicity in an often complex cloud landscape.

We aim to deliver clear, measurable outcomes that resonate with our ethos of quality and integrity.

Cloud Strategy

We assess and craft cloud solutions that prioritize innovation and cost efficiency, no matter the platform.

Cloud Cost Management (FinOps)

We provide detailed analysis and optimization of your cloud spending, ensuring you get value for money.

Organizational Strategy

We guide your shift towards a cloud-centric operation, championing best practices in Platform Engineering and DevOps.

Legacy System Modernization

We're skilled in updating systems to be cloud-compatible, focusing on creating robust infrastructures for the future

Greenfield builds

We design cloud infrastructures for new projects that are secure, compliant, and scalable.

Platform Optimization

We fine-tune cloud platforms to enhance performance and reduce costs, applying best practices we’ve mastered.

Cloud Security

We strategize to test and improve your cloud defenses, recognized by our partnerships with leading cloud providers.

Cloud Migrations

We streamline your move to the cloud, with expertise in securing strategic funding from our partnerships.

Platform Compliance

We ensure your cloud environment meets evolving industry standards and compliance requirements.

Site Reliability

We employ best practices in site reliability to maintain consistent uptime and efficiency.

Platform Compliance

We ensure your cloud environment meets evolving industry standards and compliance requirements.

Technical Leadership

We lead cloud projects with a focus on reliable infrastructure and delivery, leveraging our collective expertise.

Project Management

Let us oversee your cloud projects, ensuring they stay on track, meet their goals, and bring value to your organization.

Landing Zones

We create scalable, secure cloud foundations tailored to your business, aligned with industry best practices.Our commitment across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud is to deliver top-tier cloud solutions, reflecting our technical acumen and the practical needs of our clients.
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Whether you're a large web company or a growing start-up, our consulting services are tailored to meet your needs and simplify your cloud journey.