Transition to AWS CloudWan with Playground Tech

Written by
Marc Modin
Published on
December 4, 2023


Kambi is a global leader in sports betting technology and services, with over a decade of experience. As a trusted partner for over 40 operators worldwide, Kambi offers premium online and retail sportsbook services. With offices in eight global locations, Kambi's team of 1,000+ employees specializes in sports, esports, and technology.


At Playground Tech, our Engineering Services team led the implementation of CloudWan for Kambi. Managing Kambi's AWS infrastructure, our mission was to equip Kambi's global developers with the necessary tools and infrastructure. This success story highlights our journey, emphasizing the transformative impact of migrating to Cloudwan.

The Challange

Kambi faced challenges with its expanding AWS infrastructure across six regions. The complexity of managing network infrastructure increased due to factors like limited IP ranges for testing and constraints on VPC connections. Moreover, the use of shared-VPCs for large production EKS meshes was proving unsustainable.

Considering Solutions

Our exploration for solutions led us to Cloudwan, as it matched our global management needs better than other options like Transit Gateway. Cloudwan's alignment with our criteria made it the ideal choice for Kambi's evolving AWS infrastructure.

Cloudwan Benefits

AWS Cloud WAN provided:
- centralized management
- network isolation
- high-speed connectivity
- robust security.

These features were crucial for connecting data centers, branch offices, and Amazon VPCs effectively.

Implementation and Migration Strategy

We approached the migration in three phases using an active-active strategy. This ensured flexibility and zero downtime. Our initial phase involved integrating existing resources into Cloudwan, followed by redirecting traffic and migrating VPCs to on-premise connectivity.

Successful Migration

The migration met our predefined success metrics, enhancing our network's capacity, management, and segmentation. This was a testament to the effectiveness of Cloudwan in meeting Kambi's needs.

Lessons Learned

The project highlighted the importance of communication, collaboration, and expert consultation. Our active-active approach and comprehensive monitoring systems were key to a smooth transition.


Migrating to Cloudwan was a transformative experience for Kambi, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in sports betting services. The project, led by Playground Tech, resulted in an efficient, scalable, and future-ready network infrastructure, perfectly aligning with our goal to support Kambi's development teams.