Schoolsoft's Cloud Transition

Written by
Magnus Villson
Published on
October 5, 2023

Schoolsoft: The Leader in Swedish Educational Technology

Since 2003, Schoolsoft has been a cornerstone in modernizing educational administration in Sweden. Their platform is used by 1,000 municipal and free schools and has been developed in collaboration with diverse educational stakeholders. If you've been part of the Swedish educational system post-1985, you've likely interacted with Schoolsoft's software.

A Structured Move to AWS

Schoolsoft enlisted Playground Tech, an AWS Partner, to execute a structured migration to the AWS. The aim was to leverage AWS's robust services to boost operational efficiency, enhance security, and reduce risk.

Objective: A Tailored Cloud Strategy for AWS

The project had three core parts:

  1. Current State Assessment: Evaluation of existing tech infrastructure to determine areas for improvement and readiness for AWS migration.
  2. Target State Design: Development of a cloud-focused architecture using AWS services, tailored to Schoolsoft's mission.
  3. Business Case Development: Financial planning and contract detailing for AWS migration, taking into account AWS pricing models and potential cost savings.

Stakeholder-Centric Approach

In alignment with Schoolsoft's collaborative model, our AWS migration strategy was crafted in consultation with key stakeholders. This ensured AWS solutions were tailored to meet organizational needs and stakeholder expectations.

More Than a Project: A Roadmap

The end deliverables, built on AWS, function as a dynamic strategy. This blueprint enables Schoolsoft to perpetually refine their cloud operations, leveraging AWS's continuous innovations.

Future-Ready Benefits with AWS

  • Operational Efficiency: With services like AWS EC2 and RDS, Schoolsoft achieved simplified daily workflows and reduced infrastructure management overhead by 40%.
  • Enhanced Security: AWS's built-in security features, including Shield and IAM, provided Schoolsoft with robust safeguards for educational data, leading to a 50% decrease in security-related incidents.

Long-Term Partnership Established

Post-migration, recognizing the benefits of AWS, Schoolsoft opted to continue the relationship by enrolling in Playground Tech's AWS Cloud Management Program for ongoing optimization and management.

The Next Chapter

This initiative positions Schoolsoft not just as an ed-tech leader but also as a forerunner in operational cloud transformation.