E-sport startup using AWS and Managed Kubernetes to deliver entertainment to fans around the globe

Written by
Magnus Villson
Published on
June 8, 2023

Global Kubernetes set-up

GLHF.gg is a new entertainment platform within E-sports where you can challenge other fans with your CS:GO and Team knowledge through player versus player and tournament trivia modes.
You can see video-on-demand, live streams, events and a range of other opportunities to interact with players of your favorite Team.

Playground was involved from the start and headed-up the CTO role, with responsibility to build the tech team, design and deploy the production infrastructure based on the AWS PaaS offering with the purpose to reduce the need of traditional Cloud Ops and enable fast-paced product delivery.

GLHF.gg is using Playground Cloud Control service to efficiently and continuously monitor and manage security, best-practices and cloud economy on AWS.

Methods & Tech used: AWS, Kubernetes (EKS), RDS, EC2, VPC, CI/CD, Scrum, Tech Leadership, Playground Cloud Control.