Kambi's Strategic Approach to Cloud Transformation

Written by
Nils Norfors
Published on
October 3, 2023

Kambi's Strategic Approach to Cloud

Leader in Sports Betting Technology

Kambi is an industry leader in sports betting technology. With an
engineering strategy focused on delivering value at speed, Kambi took a
strategic initiative to explore the option of accelerating its cloud transition
with AWS.

An 8-Week Journey, Fully Funded by AWS

This was an 8-week project, funded entirely by AWS. This funding was
made possible through Playground Tech's partnership AWS and a proven
track record of competence and hard work.

Objective: A Comprehensive Cloud Strategy

Kambi engaged Playground Tech, a specialized AWS partner, to provide a
cloud migration strategy under the AWS Migration Acceleration Program
(MAP). This project specifically covered the assessment phase of MAP,
preparing Kambi for future steps. The objective was threefold:

1. Current State Assessment: A detailed understanding of Kambi's
existing infrastructure and organization, identifying areas for
improvement and readiness for moving workloads to AWS.

2. Target State Design: A blueprint for an AWS-centric architecture
tailored to Kambi's strategic goals.

3. Business Case Development: A financial and strategic motivator for
the move, backed by a detailed cost analysis.

Stakeholder-Centric Approach

We adopted a comprehensive methodology involving stakeholder
interviews, and deep dives into Kambi’s current IT infrastructure. This
stakeholder-centric approach ensured that the cloud strategy had buy-in
across organizational levels and aligned with the diverse needs and goals.

Building a working material for Kambi to adopt and evolve

The project deliverables are designed to serve beyond the scope of mere
assessments and plans. They become a working material meant to inform
Kambi's ongoing cloud strategy and serve as a roadmap for the future,
including diverse stakeholder perspectives and hopefully providing a
unified framework for the future.

Potential Benefits: Prepared for the future.

• Operational Efficiency: Streamlining operations in a cloud-first
• Business Agility: Utilizing the cloud to enable quicker development
• Talent Attraction: A cloud-first approach makes Kambi an attractive
destination for top-tier tech talent.

A Leader in Transformation

Kambi's approach to cloud transition, backed by a comprehensive
assessment and a stakeholder-aligned strategy, positions them as not just
a leader in sports betting technology but also in organizational
transformation. This sets Kambi on a path to fulfilling its engineering
strategy effectively, making it an ideal destination for professionals
seeking to work at the cutting edge of technology.