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Advanced AWS partner

Having AWS as a partner, strengthens our ability to help you as a customer to take full advantage of all that AWS has to offer.

Our offering consists of a range of products and services on AWS, delivered by our talented engineering consultants.

DevOps and platform engineering

Focus on the essentials.
We’ll do the rest!

We are specialised within DevOps and Platform Engineering to help our customers improve the way they run their business on the cloud.

The practices involve developing, building, and running secure and highly available production workloads on AWS.

By utilising DevOps on AWS, you as a customer will increase your agility and quality, innovate and adapt faster, and remove manual processes in favour of automation.

AWS Services

Utilize AWS services to strengthen your business capabilities.

While working on assignments, our consultants solve some of the hardest DevOps challenges using AWS services.

These are examples of the most common services, which we have experience helping our customers with.

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